Safety Toolbox Talks

The MICA Safety and Environmental Issues Committee are in the process of developing a series of “Tool Box Safety Talks” designed specifically for the mechanical insulation industry.  These “Safety Talks” are designed for supervisors to use on a job site.  The talks are not intended to serve as a complete safety program but rather to provide supervisors with a “selling” tool to use in their safety briefings.

If you would like to have access to our set of the Tool Box Safety Talks as they are developed, you need to, become a member of MICA.

Best Practices in Safety
Program Recognition

As we place an ever increasing value on safety in the workplace, the MICA safety committee decided the Association needed a program to underscore the importance of safety and to assist our members in improving their safety programs and practices. They wanted a program that would encourage member participation, yet give meaningful recognition and commentary.

The Board and Association Legal Counsel, Gary Auman of Auman, Mahan & Furry, work together to develop the program's application questions.  The applications are graded anonymously by Legal Counsel, and all applicants are provided with a written critique of their safety program. 

Participants will be awarded at the following levels:

Following the receipt of the award, Gary sends each participant a detailed multi-page letter explaining why they have received the score that they did.  The goal of this program is self-improvement, and it can be built on year after year.  The written critique is designed specifically to facilitate ongoing safety program improvement.  After receiving Gary’s letter, applicants are urged to implement as many suggestions as possible that are detailed in the letter.  Each applicant is also encouraged to apply the following year to ensure the continuous build of their program's level of quality. 

Application for Contractors

Application for Associates


 Applications Due April 26, 2024!

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