These calculations will work for either emperical or metric. See which inputs are required for obtaining correct results below.


Width (W) Height (H)
Length (L) Length - Side 2 (L2)   for trapezoids
Length - Side (S)   for cones
Angle (ANG)
Radius (R) Short Radius (A)   for ellipses
Long Radius (B)   for ellipses
Thickness (T) K Factor (K)

Area of Flat Surfaces

Shape Inputs Required Area
Rectangle W, L
Parallelogram H, L
Trapezoid H, L, L2
Triangle W, H
Circle R
Sector of a Cricle ANG, R
Ellipse A,B

Area and Volume of Solids

Shape Inputs Required Area Volume
Rectangular Solid W,L,H
Cone R,S,H
Cylinder R,H
Elliptical Tank A,B,H
Sphere R
Oval Duct H,W,T  

R / C  Factors

  Inputs Required R C
Factors K

Included below are some common empirical / metric conversions for temperature, length and area.  Many additional conversion calculations are included in the 1999 MICA Standards CD.


°C to °F
°F to °C


in to mm
mm to in
ft to m
m to ft


sq ft to sq m
sq m to sq ft
sq ft / lin ft to sq m / lin m
sq m / lin m to sq ft / lin ft

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